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tobyaudax answered to your post “I set up a RedBubble account…”

Redbubble shirts are really well printed! I have two and I love them. But starting small is smart- get a feel for it. :) You DO NOT SUCK

goingtocrystaltokyo replied to your post “I set up a RedBubble account…”

The print quality of t-shirts isn’t the greatest, sadly. I’d definitely buy stickers though. They need gen 5 iPod cases though. :(

krazyokami answered to your post “I set up a RedBubble account…”

I’d totally be up for some stickers and such~

theultradork answered to your post “I set up a RedBubble account…”

You are awesome and I’d totally buy stuff if and when I had the money.

Thanks, all of you!! This made me a little more confident to start designing some stuff, fandom and original works! I’ll prolly make a seperate side blog to feature this stuff on though, as to not to clog my main ^_^. Suggestions for designs are ALWAYS welcome btw!

I browsed the site, so much nice stuff on there. I also have a few tees and I have no complaints about the print quality. We’ll see where this leads me, I’m excited now! *high fives all of you wonderful people!*


So, a lot of you guys know that my tablet pen is broken, and I’m going to need a new one. Bills are coming up, and so I can’t really afford getting it right now, even though it’s killing me not being able to draw.

But, you can help! (If you want to, I mean.) You can donate to my PayPal! A link to the donations section of my PayPal can be found on the sidebar of my blog~

Raditz is helping me with my examples.

donate $5 for a sketch

donate $8+ for a colored sketch

donate $12+ for lineart (and possibly flat colors, depending)

donate $20+ for a finished, paint shaded piece

I’d prefer to only draw one character, but we can discuss if you send me an ask to work through the specifics.

Also, please be patient! I can’t draw these for you until I get the pen, and that’s what y’all are funding. Please bear with me. ^ ^;

This will only be open until I have enough money for the pen, so donations close once I reach $40. If you want ‘em, get ‘em while they’re hot!

Signal booooooosting!!!!!! ♥ Help this lovely lady out if ya can!

krazyokami replied to your post:
Love that song~

OMg yay!!! Me too, SO SO much.

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xfadedmemoriezx xfadedmemoriezx Said:

I have too many favs lol, but a current one is Latch by Disclosure.

So, I am re-reading my HP books…..XD


○ = Your name.☺= One phobia.♬ = Favorite song.§ = How do you feel?☁ = Tumblr crush.♠ = First person to follow you on tumblr.♧ = Hot or cold.☆ = Favorite food.☮= Your inspiration.☼ = Your first URL.☻= Are you happy right now?Þ = Favorite film.♣ = Lucky number.ϟ = The song you are listening to right now is…✖ = Make me choose:Singer: ________ or ___________?Book: ________ or ___________?Character: ________ or ___________? 



○ = Your name.
☺= One phobia.
♬ = Favorite song.
§ = How do you feel?
☁ = Tumblr crush.
♠ = First person to follow you on tumblr.
♧ = Hot or cold.
☆ = Favorite food.
☮= Your inspiration.
☼ = Your first URL.
☻= Are you happy right now?
Þ = Favorite film.
♣ = Lucky number.
ϟ = The song you are listening to right now is…
✖ = Make me choose:
Singer: ________ or ___________?
Book: ________ or ___________?
Character: ________ or ___________? 


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Heya, hope everyone is having a good day! Xx

Heya, hope everyone is having a good day! Xx

Just trying to figure stuff out for now. Not sure what I want to design  for. I’d like to do some fandom stuff of course! But some original designs would be awesome too….lol ah it’s all just very in my head for now….someone wanna shoot me some ideas??? I’d appeciate it, if I were to do some tees, though i think I’d rather start small and do stickers and small stuff first, what would YOU like to see/buy? Should I even TRY to design stuff? There is so much great stuff outta there…T_T I might just be very insignificant next to all those fantastic people already on there….help me out?

001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when I started shipping it if I did:
  • my thoughts:
  • What makes me happy about them:
  • What makes me sad about them:
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:
  • things I look for in fanfic:
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each…

Eh why not

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My dog looks like she’s SEEN THINGS!!11!!










So stop working at mcdonalds and do something with your life.

Sure! I’ll just reach into my ass and pull out a job! Or, how about I go down to jobland, where jobs grow on jobbies!

Strap on your job helmet and get in the job cannon

…if everyone “stopped working at mcdonalds and did something with their life”, you do realize the entire fast food industry would collapse, right? And if we extend that premise out to other low-wage/low-prestige jobs, society itself would pretty much grind to a halt.

You love to talk shit about retail and food service workers, but who makes your burger and sells you your clothes? Go ahead. Try doing without any labor from someone employed in a low-wage/low-prestige service industry job for a few days. I’ll wait. Good luck.

NEW RULE: If you think working minimum wage jobs is “not doing something with your life” and you look down on the people working those jobs, you’re not allowed to patronize those jobs ANYMORE. No fast food for you! No retail, no coffee shops!

No theaters and no amusement parks either!

Say goodbye to your morning cup of coffee bitches

No places that require the use of a janitorial staff.

That means no school, no public shopping place of any kind, no universities, no airports or train or bus stations.

You can’t call 911 because the operator makes minimum wage. Also sucks to be you if you’re drowning because life guards are minimum wage workers too. 

OP is a douchenozzle. Fuck that shit mentality, guess what?! Without us hard working people in Retail and Fast Food and other minimun wage jobs, you would literally have NOTHING. I am so sick and tired of fucking pretentious people looking down at us in Retail for example. I see it every damn day. Rude ass customers who sneer because they see you working hard at what they perceive as a useless job and who just LOVE to make our already stressful job harder on us by complaining and getting in our way on purpose.

Go fuck yourself with a cactus..

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Whenever I need a pick-me-up I visit your page. (ノ∀`♥) Happy weekend!
xfadedmemoriezx xfadedmemoriezx Said:

Aw, now that is too sweet. It’s messages like these that just make my day!♥ Also, hope you’re not feeling too bad or anything?! o_O. My inbox is ALWAYS open ^_^

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Ah okay~ I got worried since I’ve been posting more nsfw and vore pics.

Nah, I don’t mind nsfw and I actually have the vore tag blacklisted so I don’t see anything tagged as such.

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Was it me? Oh god, I’m sorry.

no dear, don’t worry ^_^ ♥